Print, Photographic
25 Year Club General Foods Corporation Birds Eye Division 1988. Material: paper. Size: 5" x 7". Description: color photo; 25 Year Club Birds Eye Foods Employees; Quarter Century Club Dinner and Reunion, October 1988; Front row left to right: W. Bryant; E. Sack; A. Berntson; L. Paulson; H. Swenson; E. Anderson; I. Bergman; J. Foss. 2nd row left to right: L. Bartz; F. Armendariz; R. Sandborg; V. Matz; F. St. John; H. Larson; R. Grothe; I. Miller; R. Powell. 3rd row left to right: E. Anderson; B. Anderson; L. Hecht; J. Dardis; D. Lau; R. Waugh; J. Harguth; R. Waber; H. Goltz; G. Peterson. 4th row left to right: R. Schultz; D. Weckwerth; D. Marsh; D. Sutlief; R. Palm; W. Dunn; W. Nelson. Back row left to right: J. Shoenhard; R. Paulson; R. Berndt; D. Root; J. Schaal; T. Thomez; R. Cahill. Photograph by Wayne J. Photography.
Waseca business: General Foods Corporation Birds Eye Division; Birds Eye Foods. Donor, Michael Hecht's mother Sigri Hecht, worked at Birds Eye from 1950-1954 and 1973-1987.