Print, Photographic
1911 Approximate
Foley, Nelson Residence in Waldorf, Minnesota. Material: paper. Size:3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Description: black and white photo of the front view of a white clapboard house with a small front porch; seated on the porch are two adult women and three children; identified as the residence lived in by the Foley family and the Nelson family; reverse side addressed to Bertha Larson in Delavan, Minn. from Mildred Foley; message: "Dear Friend. How are you all. I got your postal and was glad to hear from you. This is the picture of our house that is me sitting on the porch steps, Marie is sitting near me, the girl behind me is the girl that was sewing for us, the other two are Raymond and Mama. Send me a picture of you. Mildred Foley. Answer."
From the Waldorf photo collection of Clark Meyer, former Waldorf resident.