Collar, Dog Trainer
Herter's Radio Controlled Electronic Dog Trainer Collar. Material: leather, metal, plastic. Size of Container Box: 10" x 13" x 2 1/2". Description: (a) leather training collar with plastic housed receiver and metal buckles. (b) leather receiver collar with plastic housed receiver and antenna and metal buckles. (c) plastic housed transmitter with retractable antenna and metal plates stamped "Herter's Inc. Electronic Dog Trainer", "27.045MC" and a Herter's logo plate. All items housed in a white molded styrofoam container and inserted into a gold paper box; lettering on box, "Herter's Dog Trainer, Superhetrodyne circuits, electronic radio-controlled, guaranteed to be manufactured from the latest and most expensive electronic components. Made in Japan's modern, highly efficient electronics plant by college graduated technicians." Note in box: "Battery pack used in customer's unit".
Notes on product from catalog: "The power systems in both the transmitter and the receiver are rechargeable. Both maintain sufficient power for a full day of continuous training. The receiver collar contains two units. One unit contains the power supply and one unit the unique circuit. You can quickly and easily train your dog for all types of hunting or showmanship. $119.95 (in 1971 Herter's Catalog).