Women of Minnesota, Selected Biographies. Material: paper. Size: 6" x 9". Description: green glossy cover with woman's profile graphic designed by Sheila Chin Morris, and the title: "Women in Minnesota"; revised edition edited by Barbara Stuhler and Gretchen Kreuter. Contents: 467 pages with several illustrations and photographs; chapters on Harriet Bishop, Kate Donnelly, Jane Gray Swisshelm, Eva McDonald Valesh, Maria Louise Sanford, Frances Densmore, Mary Molloy, Alice O'Brien, Maud Hart Lovelace, Gratia Alta Countryman, Catheryne Cooke Gilman, Ada Comstock Notestein, Anna Dickie Oleson, Fanny Brin, Agnes Larson, Henrietta Larson and Nora Larson (the Larson sisters); also includes other brief biographies of Minnesota women and women in the Minnesota Legislature; indexed; two references to women in Waseca County.
Cover designer, Sheila Chin Morris also served as co-director of the Waseca County Historical Society.
Women of Minnesota, Selected Biographical Essays; revised edition
Barbara Stuhler and Gretchen Kreuter, editors
Minnesota Historical Society