Stocking, Nylon
1950 Approximate
Nylon Stockings. (a,b) Material: textile. Size: 7" W. at top x 40 1/2" L. toe to top. Description: (a) tan sheer nylon stocking with reinforced top, toe and heel; dark stitched seam extends from heel to top on back of stocking; screened print on stocking top: "Patricia, 51 Gauge, 15 Denier, First Quality Nylon, Sylph Heel, 'Superfine' Sylph Seam"; (b) matching stocking without the imprint on stocking top; stockings are in their original merchandise box. (c,d) Box. Material: paper. Size: 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 1/2". Description: (c) top: green glossy paper covered cardboard box top with white script print: "Exquisite Nylon Hosiery" on top; printed on one side: "Exquisite 5115 AM, 10 1/2, Tantone"; (d) bottom: white paper covered cardboard to hold nylon stockings.
Probably purchased to be worn by Agnes Lienke Brandt (Mrs. Robert Brandt), mother of donor Hazel Brandt Owens.