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St. Olaf Academy Northfield Graduates 1899. Black and white digital copy of the 1899 graduates of St. Olaf Academy. Lilly Lofty is 4th from the left in the first row; Minnie Sunde is listed as possibly the woman to the right in the first row.
These photos were loaned from Jane Fisher and her husband Tom Brosnahan of Concord, Massachusetts to the New Richland Area Historical Society. Jane is a descendant of Lilly Lofty and Dr. Batchelder, a New Richland physician until moving away in 1918. Lilly used her family name for her millinery business. Dr. Batchelder died in 1920 in Hastings, Minnesota. Lilly lived another 30 years and is buried in Trinity Lutheran's St. Olaf Cemetery in New Richland. The Batchelders had two daughter: Alice and Helvinia.