Finder, Depth
1970 Approximate
Herter's Solid State Fish Finder and Transducer Boat Mount. Material: metal, rubber. a) Receiver. Size: 7" x 7" x 8". Description: a receiving and viewing signal machine, dial face calibrated 0 to 195 to show half the distance in feet that the sound has traveled or the depth of bottom of object below the boat; logo in center of dial: "Herter's Solid State Fish Finder"; one on-off knob, one transducer port, battery compartment; all components are fixed inside a heavy baked enamel steel case with a carrying handle; in raised lettering on each side of box: "Herter's". b) Transducer. Size: 2" diameter pole x 26" L. with attaching device extending 5" from pole. Description: red heavy steel pipe sonar transducer and signal broadcaster with transducer cable extending from top; gunwale holder for mounting on boat extends from side of pole.
Waseca business: Herter' Inc. Donor, Art Hutchens used this fish finder for many years trolling mostly for northern pikes. He caught a 16 1/2 pound muskie on Portage Lake while using this equipment. Donor also owned K&H Car Repair for 55 years. Herter; Herters; Herter's.