Print, Photographic, Copy
1902 Approximate
Johnson Family. Material: paper. Size: 5" x 7". Description: black and white photographic copy of Johnson family circa 1902; identified left to right first row: Esther, Alfred Carl Johnson, Elmer, Anna Palm Johnson, Edith. Second row: Arthur, Hulda, Olga, Rueben.
Alfred Carl Johnson Born 1 February 1859 in Krakorp, Sweden. Died 1930 in Waseca County. Photo found at the home of donor's parents: Frances and Eugene Newell. Donor's mother was Frances Story Newell the daughter of Edith Johnson Story, Granddaughter of Alfred and Anna Johnson. Swedish location of Krakarp: Frälsegård, Skärstad, Jönkopings, län,Sweden.