Uniform, Navy
Navy Service Dress Blues. Material: textile, metal, plastic. (a) Suit Jacket. Size: 21" x 31". Description: black cotton jacket; six metal buttons with eagle design; left breast pocket; two pockets on front; two gold bands and star on cuffs. (b) Shirt. Size: Description: white cotton shirt; plastic buttons down front; tag inside: "U.S. Navy Official Uniform." (c ) Tie. Size: 3" W. x 53" L. Description: black cotton tie.
Uniform belonged to Craig E. Teschke. Craig was a Navy Lieutenant from 1984-1992. The Teschke family lived at 913 3rd Avenue SE, Waseca, MN from 1965-1977.Craig was born 9 March 1962 graduated in 1984 with a Civil Engineering degree and a rank of Ensign in the Navy. He was commissioned as a Naval Officer in Newport, RI. He served in the Navy in Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, FL, Dunoon, Scotland, the Persian Gulf and Newport, RI, he retired from the service in 1992 as a Lieutenant. Craig died 9 November 2013.