Holder, Hat
Trunk Hat Holder. Material: metal, textile. Size: 3" H. x 9 1/2" L. Description: circular clothed dome with two metal pieces attached to bottom; metal pieces have an internal spring between them; pieces are rounded at ends; cloth is gold with diamond pattern.
Originally this item was entered as an unknown artifact. Item identification discovery happened 14 June 2017. Bryan French Photography did a special "Hidden Glensheen" photograph series November 18, 2016. "Hidden Glensheen – Trunk Room" featured a photograph of an open trunk. The caption stated that the inside of the trunk contained "all these screw-in balls, on every surface. Our best guess that this was for transporting several hats at the same time." Also in the bottom of the trunk were these extra hat holders. Vanessa Zimprich, collections processor, recognized these hat holders as one of our unknown artifacts in our collections. Now we know that our item is a hat holder for use inside of a trunk.