Print, Photographic
Mausoleum of Everett Family. Material: paper. Size:4" x 6". Description: color photograph of the Everett family mausoleum at Woodville Cemetery, Waseca, Minn.; this side of structure has the name Everett engraved over the door; grave stones of Everett family members surround the Mausoleum.
12 Oct 1909, Herald: E. A. Everett is getting ready to erect a mausoleum on his lot in Woodville cemetery. The excavation to a depth of several feet has been made and the concrete foundation is nearly completed. It is about 12x22 feet in dimensions. The superstructure will be about 12 or 15 feet high and will be of granite and marble. It will not be begun, probably, until next spring. The donor is the great-grandson of William Everett, co-founder with Aughenbaugh, of the E. A. Co Mill in Waseca County. The Everett home, built by William's son Edward Everett, overlooking the east end of Clear Lake, was a showplace in its time, a classic Victorian-style home, the Everett house was demolished in 1958; it was an architectural and historical loss to Waseca County.