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Calvary Episcopal Church. Color photo of Calvary Episcopal Church located at 7th Street N.E. and 7th Avenue N.E.; side of church; building dismantled May 2014.
The Calvary Episcopal Church was built in 1893 and was first the Waseca Norwegian Lutheran Church. The Waseca Norwegian Lutherans organized in 1891. The building was used by the Waseca Norwegian Lutherans until 1939; then it was sold and became the property of the Calvary Episcopal Church. On Friday, June 5, 1959, the Calvary Episcopal Church building was moved to its new location at the corner of 7th Street NE and 7th Avenue NE. Bruce Spencer of Wells coordinated the move for the 28 feet wide and 46 feet long building, plus the steeple which was not dismantled from the building. The church was completely remodeled and enlarged and opened later in the summer of 1959. Pastor in 1959 was Rev. Douglas Pitts of Waterville, MN. The land at the old location of the corner of 4th Street NE and 4th Avenue NE was sold to St. John’s American Lutheran Church for its expansion program for an educational building north of their church. St. John’s also purchased the Seawald property to the east of the old Episcopal Church location for a parking lot. Church was dismantled in May 2014. St. John’s Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church, St. John’s German Lutheran Church, St. John’s American Lutheran Church, Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Waseca Norwegian Lutheran Church, Calvary Episcopal Church, Calvary Church, Episcopal Church