Print, Photographic, Copy
Rural Iosco Township School District #10. Material: paper. Size: 2 3/4" x 4 1/2". Description: black and white photograph scan of school District 10; located in Waseca County, Iosco Township, Section 13, Palmer. Teacher: Irene Brecke. Back row left to right: Rudolph Schendel; Russel Johnson; Lorraine Miller; Donald Larson; Clarice Fretham; Melford Fretham; Orville Johnson. Front row left to right: Clarissa Schendel; Teacher, Irene Brecke; Janet Carlson; Lucille Splett; Lester Schendel; Ellsworth Fretham. Photo taken 1942. On the handlebars of Donald Larson's bicycle is the baby owl that the students found and befriended. Myron Miller may have taken the photograph as he is not pictured here but is pictured in LU203.2.
Donald Larson retains the original photo. Donald attended Palmer school in 1942. Rural School District No. 10. Rural schools, country schools, schoolhouses, Iosco schools, Palmer school. The Palmer school house was actually built way before the town of Palmer was even a thought. In 1862 a one acre piece of land was purchased from a local farmer. The school (school district 10) was built on this land. As Palmer evolved, in 1915 the school became part of the plat of the town. The school was in the Southwest corner of the plat. The school was active until public school started in 1960-1961. Information provided by Robert Hagen.