Panel, Window Seat
Everett Residence Window Seat Panel. Material: wood. Size: 22" W. x 35 1/2" H. x 3" W. Description: oak carved window seat panel with attached armrest; 14 wooden spindles between the curved arm and four paneled side; twisted design on front; was located in front foyer window seat. See accession 41.11.3; 66.01.211; 66.01.9; 66.01.7. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.
This building component unit was saved from the 1894 mansion built by local businessman E.A. Everett for his wife Antoinette (Nettie Miller) Everett and their son, William Rinehart Everett. Before the Everett house demolition in 1958, the Everett home was located at 206 N.E. 9th St., Waseca, Minnesota. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.