Farm Tractor and Implements of Waseca 1940s and 1950s. Material: paper. Size: 8 1/2" x 11". Description: white letterhead of the Waseca Implement Company, two pages, typed history as remembered by Lyn Spies; some of the names mentioned are McLoone, Bathke & Brown, the Keeley Brothers, Jay and Jim Osmundson, Ralph Woodhall, Gunwals, Halle, Byron, Ed Priebe, John Wilken, Lohman Brothers, Emmett Johnson, Bill Deef, Donald Opstien, Bill Brune, Schendledecker, Dewey Ferry, Elmer Kuyper, George Kubista, Edwin Fretham, Clarence Hanson, Tyrholm, D. Dunn, P. Johnson, C. Schlueter, Roger C. Johnson, H. J. "Pete" Sprengeler, Kritzer, Kortuem, Brecke, Schroeder, Mackey and Mosher.
Waseca Businesses mentioned in this paper:International Harvester, McCormick Deering, Waseca Mutual, John Deere, Ed Priebe Implement, Nash Automotive, First National Bank, AG Power Enterprise, Minneapolis Molie, Hinman Milking Machines, Waseca Implement Company, Studebaker, New Holland, New Idea, South Side Service Center, Winegar, Inc., J. I. Case, Massey Harris, Grunwald Cities Service, Culligan, Oliver Farm Equipment, Clarence Hanson Garage, Charlie's Hardware, Hudson Automobiles, Tyrholm Motors & Implements, Dave's Body Shop, Johnson Implement, New Holland, Kewanee, Cockshutt Farm Equipment, White Motor Company, Ford Tractors, Dearborn Farm Equipment, Edsel Automobiles, AMC Rambler Automobiles, Christensen Tire,