Print, Photographic
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carlson (Lena Haga Larson) Wedding Portrait. Material: paper. Size: 6" x 9". Description: black and white photo image mounted on a heavy gray card stock frame; a wedding couple posed with the bride wearing a long white pleated gown and ornate headpiece with a veil and the groom wearing a dark three-piece suit, white shirt and white tie; they are seated in a studio setting; note on reverse: "Lena and Oscar Carlson"; portrait by Obermeyer Photography.
Lena and Oscar are the parents of Reuben Carlson and Helmer Carlson. Lena's wedding gown was sewn by Boletha Josephine Moe Carlson, grandmother of Donna Fostveit. Boletha Moe was married to Ole Carlson in 1896.