Rod Searle Book: Minnesota Standoff. Material: paper. Size: 6" x 9 1/4". Description: yellow glossy card stock cover with graphic caricatures of two men on a see-saw balanced on the dome of the Minnesota Capitol building; contents: 139 pages explaining the 1978-1979 political deadlock that arose within the Minnesota House of Representatives when the election of that year resulted in an equal number of representatives from both parties; the author recounts how the negotiation was worked through over a period of about three months; this book is signed by the author with a note to Rick and Sheila Morris: "To Rick and Sheila, wonderful couple who help to make Waseca the great place it is. Thanks for the friendship. Rod Searle, Oct. 1990".
Minnesota Standoff, The Politics of Deadlock
Rod Searle
Alton Press