Print, Photographic
25 Year Club General Foods Corporation Birds Eye Division 1982. Material: paper. Size: 5" x 7". Description: color photo; 25 Year Club Bird's Eye Foods Employees; News Release: General Foods recently honored 43 employees with 25 or more years of service and their guests at a special dinner at Landwehr's in Janesville. Pictured left to right front row: Clete Wendinger, Jim Foss, Don Lau, Warren Dunn, Florence Armendariz, Betty McNamee, Eunice Anderson, Irma Bergmann, Elizabeth Lorentz, Hilda Goltz, Adella Berntson, Helen Swenson, Delency Sutlief. Back row: Burt Anderson, Joe Dardis, Jack Harguth, Elsie Sack, Dick Palm, John Schaal, Vivian Larson, Warren Nelson, Vinton Matz, Ed Anderson, Irv Miller, Ralph Berndt, Donald Root, Tony Thomez, Arnold Anderson, Rosi Waugh, Ruth Waber, Geraldine Peterson, Jim Shoenhard, Bob Schultz, Don Marsh. Not pictured: Lyle Wilker, Loren Hecht, Fred Kearney, Ken Barber, Paul Roesler, Robert Cahill, Harry Quast, Roger Grothe, LeVine Paulson. Photo taken at Landwehr's in Janesville; Photographer: Wayne J. Photography.
Waseca business: General Foods Corporation Birds Eye Division; Bird's Eye Foods. Janesville business: Landwehr's. Donor, Michael Hecht's mother Sigri Hecht, worked at Birds Eye from 1950-1954 and 1973-1987.