1940 Approximate
Easy Ironer. Mid to late 1940s. Material: metal, textile. Size: 35" H. x 18" D. x 36" W. Description: light green metal ironer; white clothed roller under lid.
The green mangle we donated to the Waseca Historical Society came from the living estate of Emily (White) Miller who recently passed away. Emily moved to Waseca, with her husband Kenneth, in 1953. According to family members, the mangle was her mother's Mary (Turner) White and Emily used it as a young girl in their St Paul home to iron sheets, curtains, shirts and other items. After her mother was unable to use the mangle, Emily brought it with her to the new Waseca home her and Kenneth were having built. Her three sons only remember Emily using the mangle to iron bed sheets while they were growing up in Waseca. Otherwise the mangle remained an item of youthful memory for Emily tucked away in a corner of their home.