Print, Photographic
1917 Approximate
Margaret Haas Adams and Six of Her Children. Material: paper. Size: 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Description: black and white photo; Mrs. David E. Adams (Margaret Haas Adams) with six of her ten children; left to right back row triplets: Joseph Adams, Rosalia Adams and Dorothy Adams; Bernadine Adams and Margaret (Haas) Adams; front row: Elinor Adams on left and Margaret "Greta" on right.
Freedom Township. Family names: Adams; Braun; Brown; Burns; Byrne; Courtney; Cullen; Cunningham; Dineen; Dosh; Donovan; Gehring; Haas; Hemming; Higgins; Keesly or Keesley; Kopesky; Kraske; Linnihan; Mathews; Mullaney or Mulloney; Munsch; O'Brien; Oelke; Pattlawkins; Reilly or Reily; Sanders; Sheran or Sheeran. See Loan Image Agreement Form.