Cart, Golf
Herter's Golf Cart. Material: metal, plastic, textile. Size: 66" H. x 3' W. x 7 1/2' L. Description: white fiberglass body; blue vinyl bench seat; black plastic ashtray attached to right side front; white clip board attached to left side front; silver metal steering handle in center with two white plastic handle bar grips; two pedals on floor; three knobs across front and ignition; one knob is a cigarette lighter; AMP RES gauges on far left -39, 15, 0, + 15, 30; red canvas canopy; Herters Waseca, Minn USA silver emblem on front; two steps at back with metal hand rails; three black rubber tires, two in back, one in front.
Waseca business: Herter's Inc. Herter; Herters; Herter's.