Print, Photographic
1903 Approximate
Siegfried and Charlotte Lawin Family. Material: paper. Size: 7" x 9". Description: Lawin Family posed outside their home on the occasion of a family member funeral; some family members identified: front row left to right: boy sitting wearing three piece suit and hat; Laura Lawin age eight daughter of Fred Lawin; woman kneeling wearing long coat with a wide fur collar; little boy sitting in front of Siegfried; little girl sitting on ground. Second row left to right: young girl wearing a flared skirt and fitted jacket; Fred Lawin, Siegfried's son holding his daughter Esther Lawin age two; Clara Lawin age ten daughter of Fred Lawin; young woman wearing long coat; Siegfried; Charlotte Lawin wife of Siegfried holding flowers; Reuben Prechel age eight; Albert Prechel age ten; George Prechel age 12. Third row left to right: man wearing suit and hat; woman wearing high collared dress with V pattern design on front; Herman possibly a son of Siegfried; August possibly a son of Siegfried; man with a long beard wearing suit and hat; man with a mustache wearing suit and hat; Alvina Lawin Prechel; man with a mustache wearing suit and bowler hat; woman wearing long dress. Fourth row left to right: woman wearing long dress with hair pulled into bun; Pauline Werner daughter of Johanna Lawin Werner; Johanna Lawin Werner; Ida Lawin Elke; man wearing suit and tie with bowler hat; man with mustache wearing coat and hat; Alvina Lawin Faust; man with mustache wearing coat and hat. Photo taken late 1903 but before 4 May 1904. A.J. Lawin is in photo and he died 4 May 1904. Esther Lawin was born 11 March 1902.