Print, Photographic
1890 Approximate
Lone Tree on Von Sien's Hill or Kielser's Hill. Material: paper. Size: 2 1/4" x 3". Description: black and white photo; caption: "The dear old tree"; tree on top of Kiesler's Hill. (VonSien, VonSein, Von Sien, Von Sein) Von Sien Hill. Kiesler's Hill. Kiesler Campground. Kiesler's Campground.
Lewis Born, son of Harold Born and Bonnie (Von Sien) Born, gave photos to Thomas Kuype. Bonnie Von Sien lived on Von Sien's Hill before Harold and Bonnie were married 3 May 1946. This is the hill on the east side of Waseca, south of highway 14, across the highway from Maplewood Park. For many years it has been Kiesler's Campground. Note with photos: "Photos of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother Born and some of my Grandfather Fred. He and his brother Ben owned the land that is now Kiesler's Resort and RV Park."