Kit, Game Dressing
1950 Approximate
1950s US Forest Service Wildlife and Game warden's Game Dressing Kit
US Forest Service Wildlife and Game warden's game dressing kit Mt St. Helens belonged to Rev. Dr. Lester A. Wetzstein of Waseca, Minnesota. Lester Wetzstein graduated from Waseca High in 1942, served as a Marine in WWII and became a pastor in Washington State. While serving a church on the south slope of Mt. St. Helens at Amboy, in 1955, a church member who was a game warden gave this kit to him when the warden received a new kit. It was reminiscent of tools used on the farm to butcher game or livestock. Had Mt. St. Helens erupted south instead of northeast, the church would have been destroyed and buried beneath volcanic lahar. Artifact donated to Farmamerica with the stipulation that if Farmamerica closes then the artifact shall become the property of the Waseca County Historical Society Collection as specified by donor.