Chair, Dining
1910 Approximate
Six Farmhouse Dining Chairs.
Chairs used by Emma Gonnerman Wetzstein of Waseca, Minnesota. Part of a set of twelve chairs, which encircled a massive oval oak table, supported on a single pedestal with four eagle claw feet, the family of parents and eleven children used these chairs from the 1890s until the farm passed to the third oldest son, Charles Gonnerman, in 1916, and who had thirteen children. The chairs were divided and in 1942, these came to Waseca, at 506 3rd Avenue N. E. until 1973. Family portrait photos were taken in 1915 seated in these chairs. Chairs may be used and altered for authentic cane seat demonstration. Artifacts donated to Farmamerica with the stipulation that if Farmamerica closes then the artifacts shall become the property of the Waseca County Historical Society Collection as specified by donor.