Cawston Ostrich Plume Catalog. Material: paper, metal. Size: 7 1/2" x 10". Description: white glossy paper cover with graphic of a large ostrich plume and a picture of a woman wearing an ostrich plumed hat; title print: "The Beauty of a Cawston Ostrich Plume"; contents: 14 pages includes a story of the Cawston Ostrich Farm in South Pasadena, California; each subsequent page presents a unique plume with its description and price, a page of models with hats showcasing the plumes, a page of examples of Cawston repair work and prices, other items such as the chic, flat feather, whirl, plume, fan, demi-plumes, ostrich collarettes, French heads, ostrich boas and lyres or lobster bands; also included are photos of the ostrich farm, a baby riding an ostrich and an ostrich being plucked for his plumes.
The Beauty of a Cawston Ostrich Plume, Catalog and Prices
Cawston Ostrich Farm, California