Forward Farm Bureau Ninety Year History. Material: paper. Size: 7" x 10". Description: black hard cover with gold spine print: "Forward Farm Bureau", black paper dust cover features a Farm Bureau themed collage; contents: 322 numbered pages include the chronicle of events, people and policies that transformed this farmer movement into a respected farm and ranch association nationwide; special chapters on the fight for equality in agriculture, the New Deal, insurance, the soil bank, international trade, the 1963 wheat referendum, the grape boycott, the sagebrush rebellion and endangered species act, wetlands and eminent domain, 1980s credit crisis, globalization, biofuels and energy, women, youth and ranchers, the spirit song and mission for the future; bibliography, photos and index.
Donated by Vicky Singlestad
Forward Farm Bureau; ninety year history
Steward R. Truelsen
American Farm Bureau Federation