Gown, Wedding
Gladys Elizabeth Louisa (Tesch) Battey Wedding Gown. (a) Gown. Material: textile, metal. Size: 19" W. x 54" L. Description: white satin, floor length dress; inverted-V waistline; wide, four-point lace collar; pearl brooch attached at center lacy neckline; lace and satin puffed long sleeves with two covered buttons and loops at wrist; back closure with 13 covered buttons and loops. (b) Slip. Material: textile; metal. Size: 14" W. x 43" L. Description: white satin floor length undergarment with v-neckline and narrow shoulder straps. (c) Veil Head Piece. Material: textile, wax. Size: 8 1/2" diameter. Description: white net crown cap with a narrow starburst brim studded with tiny pearls; tiny yellowed wax florets, one on each side; the original veil extension has been removed. See accession 66.12.2. The long white train was removed from the dress so that it could be worn to other special occasions after the wedding.
Louis M. Battey was born 25 November 1914 and died in 2004. Gladys Elizabeth Louisa Tesch was born 14 July 1915 and in 2012 is 97 years old. Louis and Gladys were married 16 June 1938 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Waldorf. Gladys Louis are the donor's parents. Gladys' parents were: Alfred and Elizabeth Tesch. Alfred W. Tesch was born 16 June 1885 and died 28 November 1981. Elizabeth (Kain) Tesch was born in 1889 and died in 1985. Alfred and Elizabeth were married in Waseca County 14 October 1908. They lived in Byron Township. Alfred and Elizabeth were the donor's grandparents.