Print, Photographic
1900 Approximate
Louis A. Sandberg Clothing and Dry Goods Store. Janesville Main Street. Material: paper. Size: 5" x 7". Description: black and white photo showing the interior of the L. A. Sandberg Store on Main Street, Janesville; six men are posed standing around a central stove with the stovepipe extending straight up and then to the back of the store along the wooden ceiling; two men are wearing business suits, the other men are wearing overcoats and hats; goods lining the walls on shelves and on the floor include shoes and hats in boxes, shirts and collars in display cases, display of gloves, bolts of cloth on shelves. The Sandberg store was located on the east side of Main Street in the store that was previously a bank and then later a post office; the building is located directly across from the store that was the Foley and then the Arnoldt Furniture and Funeral Home.