Print, Photographic
Janesville High School Football Team 1926. Material: paper. Size: 5" x 7". Description: black and white glossy photo showing three rows of young men wearing football uniforms; center man in middle row is holding a football printed: "Opponents 87, J.H.S. 112"; identified on reverse left to right, back row: Orville Wiste, Joe Linn, Clarence Jewison, Roman Kocovkic, Virgil Hartwick, Michael Volz, Leo Phillip Arnoldt, W. O. Johnson (Coach); middle row: Eugene Glynn, Delbert Walrath, Art Manthey, Alonzo Stub Hess, Victor Born, Walter Miller, Cliff Koplen; front row: Frank Cunningham, Donnald Klinder, Leo Cunningham and Otto Vogler.