Postcard, Photographic
First National Bank, Waseca, Minn. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Color lithographic print by R. F. NY shows bees putting coins into a safe, captioned: "Bees are wise they save their honey. Let us bee wise and save our money. Put your money in our bank. We pay 4 cents interest." May 1909 calendar inset on right top. Caption under calendar: "You will know no "winter of discontent" if like the bees and ants, you will store away a part of what you make. Nor can your money slip away from you if you have it safe in our bank where it will grow." "James E. Child, President; C.P. Sommerstad, Vice President; H.C. Didra, Cashier. The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn." Reverse side message: "April Showers, May Flowers, The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn."; postmarked Waseca, Minn. 1909; addressed to Hugh Murray of Janesville.
First National Bank