Postcard, Photographic
First National Bank, Waseca, Minn. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Color lithographic print by R. F. NY shows man walking in the rain, captioned: "That rainy day might come, will it find you without a dollar in the bank? Put your money in our bank. We pay 4 cents interest." April 1909 calendar inset on right top. Caption under calendar: "While you have money prepare yourself for that always threatening "rainy day." You will never miss the money you save and money planted in the bank, like seed planted in the ground, will grow and yield a rich return." "James E. Child, President; C.P. Sommerstad, Vice President; H.C. Didra, Cashier. The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn." Reverse side message: "April Showers, May Flowers, The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn."; postmarked Waseca, Minn. 30 March 1909; addressed to Hugh Murray of Janesville.
First National Bank