Print, Photographic
1966 Approximate
Jacques (Jack) P. Herter. Size: 5" x 7". Description: black and white photo of Jacques Herter talking to African native; preparation page for Herter's Cookbook II, page 332. Caption: "The outdoor cafe at the Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. If you like pastry, in the far corner is a stand where you can buy some of the finest French Pastries made in the world. Jacques Herter, Jr. talks with a x Somalian tracker about the best places for maned lion. The man in the background is a wild animal buyer from New Jersey. He buys mostly baboons for medical research work. Jacques Herter, Jr. chats early in the morning with Oli one of East Africa's most famous gunbearers. They are in the outdoor cafe of the Stanley Hotel in Nairobi."
Waseca business: Herter's Inc. Herter; Herters; Herter's.