Herter's Letterhead. Material: paper. Size: 8 1/2" x 11". Description: white paper; green banner at top; brown print: World's Largest Designer and Builders of Production Fishing Tackle Machines and Tools; Fly making machines and tools, split Bamboo rod making machines, spinner making machines, special machines for tackle making to order, spinner, lure, and rod parts in stock and to order, corks shaped to specifications, reel seat and rod fitting makers, makers of split Bamboo and glass fiber rod blanks; Herter log in center; Manufactures of line and net building supplies, world's largest importers and distributors of fish hooks, tinsel, chenilles, guts, feathers, birds skins, glass eyes, threads, flosses, rod guides, rod tips, rod ferrules, reel seats, tokin cane, cork, balsa, dyes, paints, and varnishes for fishing tackle and rod manufacturers; G.L. Herter, President; Clara Howald, Director and Treasurer, Import, export, domestic divis.; Rex Kastner, Mgr.; R. Hoffmeister, Prod. Mgr.; Helen Raatz, Eng.; Robert Nicolin, Sec.; Cable Address: Herter's, Waseca, Codes: Western Union, 5 Letters Bentley; Other divisions: Herter's World famous decoy, game call and hunting equipment divisions; Herter's Gun Stock, gun parts, wood carving and screw machines productions division; Chrome fiberglas division, ejection plastic division; Herter's Inc., Since 1893, Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Agents for European and Asiatic manufacturers, shipments to meet specific requirements from abroad or direct from warehouse at Waseca, Waseca, Minnesota, U.S.A.; watermark Herter logo in center; print at bottom: Agencies, fieldmen and storehouses in principal countries, selling agents for Edgar Sealey and Sons LTD., England, Henri Verdura, Belgium Brand, Juan Morena, Kenningsworth, King's Choice, Sheffield & Tilford Products and numerous other brands.
Waseca business: Herter's Inc. Herter; Herters; Herter's.