Waterville Game Warden Shootings. Material: paper. Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". Description: green glossy card stock cover with cover graphic of painting by Karen Giesler of a shotgun, cartridges and bullheads underwater, cover print: "Tragedy on Fish Row, the Waterville Shootings"; contents: 102 numbered pages recording the story of how three game wardens were shot to death by Bryant Baumgardner, a local fisherman in Waterville; the wardens were called in to investigate a bootleg bullhead operation at Lake Sakatah in 1940 and were struck down in their confrontation with Baumgardner.
Waterville is located in LeSueur County, Minnesota, a border county of Waseca.
Tragedy on Fish Row; the Waterville Shootings
James M. Keller
James M. Keller