Card, Advertising
J.E. Lawrence Grocery Store Advertising. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Color lithographic print by Hughes & Johnson, Chicago shows two children buying cream, man wearing glasses behind counter waiting on them. "Dr. Prices Cream baking powder", captioned, "Steele and Price, Manufacturers, Chicago and St. Louis"; reverse side message: "Steele & Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems. A very superior Dry Hop Yeast. One box makes sixty loaves of white, light and healthy bread. Try it and see how much sweeter and nicer bread it makes than that made with other yeast. The reputation that we have acquired, during the past ten years, as manufacturers of Dr. Price's cream baking powder, special flavoring extracts, etc. will, we trust, be a sufficient guarantee that our Lipulin Yeast Gems are all that we claim for them. We feel confident that they will do credit to our manufacturers, and soon become a necessity. Made only by Steele and Price, Manufacturers, Chicago and St. Louis." Hand-stamped: "J.E. Lawrence, Staple and fancy groceries, Waseca, Minn."
J.E. Lawrence, Staple and fancy groceries.