Print, Photographic
Decoration Day Parade, East Elm Avenue, Waseca, Minn. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" black and white postcard photograph of the Decoration Day Parade on East Elm Avenue, Waseca, Minn. Print on front of postcard: "Decoration Day Parade Waseca, Minn."; school children march in the foreground on East Elm Avenue, almost to State Street intersection, brick paved State Street, dirt on East Elm Avenue, Dr. Prail Dentist sign in upper window, brick paved road and dirt road, people on sidewalks and lining middle of road, American flags, horse and buggy, telephone poles, women wearing flower decorated hats, men in suits. Postcard postmarked: "Waseca, Minn Jun20 10-30A." Waseca Elm Avenue.
Decoration Day Parade, Waseca, Minn. See accession 1.99.2400 and LU169.95. Decoration Day was officially renamed Memorial Day in 1882, but many still called it Decoration Day through the World War I era.