Light, Holiday
1928 Approximate
Electrical Noma Christmas Tree Lights. Material: plastic, glass, metal, wood. Size: 13' string x 3/4" diameter x 1 1/2" decorative light bulbs. Description: (a) 8-light set, multi colored glass bulbs; the black plastic electrical sockets are mounted on a long cloth-covered wire with an adjustable red painted wooden bead below each light; a two-pronged electrical plug-in is at one end and an electrical receptacle is at the other end imprinted "Noma"; (b) set of 7 replacement bulbs.
In Christmas of 1927, NOMA Electric sold products under that new name for the first time. Aggressively marketed and advertised, the company enjoyed stellar sales. In 1928, the M. Propp Company finally agreed to merge with NOMA, operated independently for a while, and finally sold out completely to the company in 1929. Interestingly, Morris Propp, the owner and founder of the company that was once NOMA's largest competitor, became the president of NOMA Electric in 1931. He held that position until his untimely death of a brain tumor in 1933. This string was used to decorate the Christmas tree in the Alfred and Emma Wetzstein home from the 1920s to 1973. The house located at 506 3rd Ave., Waseca behind the Congregational Church.