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Arnold House Records
Number of sheets: 1 Guest book page from Arnold House, Owatonna, Minnesota July 1873. R.W. Peckkain from Chicago; D.D. Lawbrie from St. Paul; Mrs. Kadder from ?; Mrs. Caskins from Rochester; J.S. Henderson from Pena; S. Millard from Chicago; John R. Lawer from Mich.; Geo. C. Dickinson; H.S. Freeman from Philada; C.W. Silky; Geo. E. Pingres from Ill.; D.J. Egleston and wife from Wykoff; J.B. Moll from Minneapolis and St. Paul; J.C. Brubaker from Waseca; H. Sikeueier from St. Louis; H.W. Deiulau from Chicago; C. Bassett from Janesville, T. W. Raleigh from New York; Wm Jones from New York; G. Bintteff and wife from Minneapolis; Fawells from New York; E.J. Fisher fron Charles City; E.W. Campbell from Iowa. Opposite side: W.A. Combs from St. Paul; H.W. Beal from Chicago; Mrs. F.H. Minor from Janesville; J.S. Minor from Milwaukee; O.E. Benttett from New York; Jake DeMott from Milwaukee; Armstrong from St. Paul; J.B. Birge from Wis.; Mauley from New York; C.W. Hall from Mankato; W.H. Thurston from Mankato; Geo. P. Wilson from Winona; W.U. F. Russell Jr. from Winona; S.E. Ligrigston from Minneapolis; H.D. Deasecaus from ?; Byron E. Walter from Milwaukee; Mrs. Merrell from Faribault; H. Grauger from St. Paul; S.R. Hanks from Hartford; G.W. Bauer from Mankato; G.H. Lwirean from Chicago. (Donor's mother was Mary Kay (Kruger) Johnson. Mary's mother was Jane (Whiting) Johnson married to Russel Johnson. Jane and Russel Johnson had Johnson Drug in Waseca during the 1940s.)