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Arnold House Records
Arnold House, Owatonna, Minnesota April 1873 Guest Book Page: L. Nora from Chicago; Edwd. Floore from Madison Wis; E.B. Farman from Madison Wis; W.S. McCauley from Minneapolis; Geo.?, ?, Prof Anderson; W.C. Wood from Milwaukee; J.E. Priest and wife from Waseca; P.H. Frazar from St. Peter; F.M. Laugon from ?; John Smith with Pro Anderson; Rod. Bither from Milwaukee; Ch? H. Heilo and wife from Northamptpon; C.G. Davies from Milwaukee; G. Hanauer from St. Paul; W.L Brac Remedge from Rochester; C.A. Whiting from Rochester; Mrs. Sherdan from Rochester; D. Voyco from Concord; R.D. Cone and daughter from Winona; Allbot Becker from Milwaukee; B. Salsburg from Milwaukee. Opposite side: L.L. De Laittie from Minneapolis; Wm. Andrews ?, ?, Prof. Anderson; Sady from Rice Lake; Crr. Haeller; John LaDu from Rochester; R.H. Dockrell from New York; Wm. D. Haeller from Marshall; W.A. Draper from Austin; Meijs Mearey from Winona; Alx G? from A?; N. Ynaham from A?; Richard Sac and wife and 2 children; Jes. Jones from Chicago; J. Vou Rohr from Winona; Martin Rother from Winona; A.G. Hanenstein from Milwaukee; Mr. Whiteous from Rochester; C.H. Clarke from Chicago; R.H. Dockrell from New York; John Rodman; C.E. Stoering Kajson; N.C. Bitts from Chicago. (Donor's mother was Mary Kay (Kruger) Johnson. Mary's mother was Jane (Whiting) Johnson married to Russel Johnson. Jane and Russel Johnson had Johnson Drug in Waseca during the 1940s.) Number of sheets: 1