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Arnold House Records
Arnold House, Owatonna Guest book page. February 1873. John Decker and wife from Stacy; S. Roth from Milwaukee; J.H. Lockwood from Winona; H.E. Dickinson from St. Paul; Mr. Straight from Faribault, Minn.; George C. Gage & Sady from Faribault, Minn.; Ben Roral from N.Y.; PCJ Cheuey from Boston; C.H. Lindsley from Penn.; J.H. Bysett from Albert Lea; C.A. Phelps from Chicago; H.S. Cale from Minneapolis; Ed Austin from Chicago; P.C. Bailey from Waseca; B.B. Eaton from Waseca; E.P. Gatham from Waseca; Chas. K. Hibbeu from Chicago; B.B. Eaton from Waseca; J.B. Moll from St. Paul. Opposite side: S. Haas from Chicago; Chas. F. Koerner from Milwaukee; Frank Wetenhall from La Crosse; E.A. Rengstorff from St. Paul; Else Mawlls from Minneapolis; E.H. Easter from Boston; Stephen Norton from Boston; D. Patterson from Faribault; W.P. Allen from Minneapolis; Mrs. Eauing from Faribault; John P. Orvis from Dixau; C Clark from St. Paul; Sady from Mankato; J.B. Moll from Minneapolis and St. Paul; E. Tyler from City; Rev. E. Kiemeur from St. Peter; Geo. P. Shears from Janesville; Mrs. Smith from Austin; Maurice Cotter and wife from Austin; O.P. Wright from Vermont; L.E. Wilson from Faribault; A.K. Shaw and family from Chicago; Mrs. Pierce and 3 children from Mantorville; Mrs. Good Women from Mantorville. (Donor's mother was Mary Kay (Kruger) Johnson. Mary's mother was Jane (Whiting) Johnson married to Russel Johnson. Jane and Russel Johnson had Johnson Drug in Waseca during the 1940s.) Number of sheets: 1