Print, Photographic
1995 Approximate
Circular Stained Glass Window, St. John's Episcopal Church, Janesville, MN. 3 1/2" x 5" color photo. Circular stained glass window.
The church was originally built in 1875 and was the first Episcopal church in Janesville. The circular stained glass window was given by Bishop Whipple, head of the Episcopal church of Minnesota. (He was known to have befriended the Indians during the 1860s.) The arched stained glass window in front was given by one of the railroads (either the Chicago & NW or the Winona RR) These 2 windows were removed and are now stored on Joe Britton's farm. Other stained glass windows were donated by congregation members; some bought back the windows when the the congregation disbanded in 1995/96. The building was sold to become an antique and gift shop known as "Church Belles." Members of this and Waseca's Episcopal church later formed a small congregation currently, Trinity Episcopal, holding services at the house on 10th Ave. N. W. formerly Paul's Flowers or Ludwig's Flower Shop.