LeSueur River Lutheran Church Centennial Booklet. Material: paper, metal. Size: 6" x 9". Description: off-white card stock cover, black outline sketch graphic of LeSueur River Lutheran Church, New Richland, Minnesota, black cover print: "Glory to God, LeSueur River Lutheran Church, 1861-Our Centennial-1961, New Richland, Minnesota"; contents include black and white photos of the Pastor Joel Rustad family, pioneer photo of Rev. B. J. Muus in ox-driven cart, Rev. N. A. Quammen, Rev. O. A. Mellby, Rev. L. G. Engelstad, Rev. Edward Nervig, Rev. J. C. Walledom, miscellaneous historical photos as well as current (1961) photos, list of all confirmands from 1866-1961, list of current members and the Centennial Observance program.
Glory to God
Centennial Committee