Razor, Electric
Pink Lady Sunbeam Electric Shaver. (a) Razor. Material: plastic, metal. Size: 3" diameter. Description: pink plastic circular case; gold circle with leaf design in center; double razor head at top; one side for shaving legs and one side for underarms; clear plastic razor head guard; electric cord attachment at bottom. (b) Electric Cord. Material: plastic, metal. Description: white cord attaches to shaver; two prong plug in. (c) Brush. Material: metal, textile. Size: 3" L. Description: twisted metal wire handle; white bristles on end. (d) Storage Box. Material: paper. Size: 1 1/2" x 4" x 4". Description: light blue cardboard box with lid; gold print on top: "Lady Sunbeam Shavemaster"; blue print on side: "Model LS Pink"; blue velvet interior; paper instructions at bottom.
Lady Sunbeam razor manufacturing began in 1955 with model LS1, which came in six different colors and was called Lady Sunbeam. In 1957 two improved models (LS2 and LS3) were introduced. The shaving system was a rather simple double trimmer.