Lathe, Turning
1900 Approximate
Blacksmith Turning Lathe. Material: metal, wood. Size: 30" W. x 80" L. x 47" H. Description: wooden frame made of two horizontal boards supported at ends by wooden A-frame legs; iron hand crank set in a sliding, adjustable wooden block at top; large iron wheel on lower outside base.
Lathes of this vintage were usually set in motion by a large foot treadle, which turns the larger wheel. This wheel is attached by a leather pulley to a spindle, which holds a metal or wooden piece in place with the help of a tail-stock. As the lathe turned, a craftsman would use a variety of tools, such as gouges and chisels, to shape the piece, placing them on the tool rest for stability. Lathe used in wood working, used in the early days by G.D. Scholljegerdes. Donated to the Society by Mr. and Mrs. Alwin Helms, Mrs. Helms being a granddaughter of G.D. Scholljegerdes. On loan to Farmamerica as of 2006.