Minutes of Meetings, St. John's Episcopal Church. Material: paper, metal. Size: 9" x 11 1/2". Description: brown card stock cover, white label: "Minutes of Meetings, St. John's Episcopal Church, Janesville, Minn. 1873-1909"; contents: photocopied, handwritten notes taken at monthly meetings of the Episcopal vestry including the minutes of its incorporation in 1873, historical sketch of St. John's from 1897, treasurer's report from 1972, annual meeting from 1973 and statistics from 1974; (missing are minutes between 1884 and 1888).
The Janesville St. John's Episcopal Church was incorporated in 1873 George W. DuBois as rector. The following members were the first elected vestry: Frank Johnson and A. W. Jennison (wardens), H. P. Packard, J. O. Chandler, Darling Welch, R. M. Redfield, Adna Carpenter, Frank Miner and Daniel Dodge as Vestrymen; noted in the historical sketch that Bishop Whipple visited the Janesville parish on August 23, 1872.