Print, Photographic
Hee Haw Cast of Actors. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 10 ". Description: color photo print of the 2006 Janesville Hee Haw cast members; identified, row one, l-r: Amy Roemhildt, Chris Meyers, Colleen Gerdts, Sherri Trahms, Irene Mulcahey, ?, Conlon, Sharon Ewert and Jeff Huelsnitz; row two: Tom Ewert, Grady Johnson, ?, ?, Chris Johnson, Josh Berndt, ?, Cowdin, Scott Roemhildt; row three: ?, Alice Pfennig, Sherry Sylvester, Arlene Pooley, ?, Becky Borneke, Rene Niemczyk, Joe Williams, Sheryl Williams, Paula Arndt, Jill Johnson, Marion Strauss and Barb King; row four: ?, Linda Ewert, ?, Ed Stock, Susan Stock, ?, Louise Lund, Susan Johnson, Doug Berndt and ?; row five: Inger Huelsnitz, ?, ?, ?, ?, Nona Coonrod; standing in back:
Artifact donors, Glenn and Sharon Ewert owned and operated Ewert\'s Hardware Store in Janesville, Minnesota during the 1990s and through 2011. They were instrumental in the planning of the Janesville Sesquicentennial Celebration that took place June 11-18,2006.