Pendant, Fraternal
1930 Approximate
Rebekah Lodge Minnesota Gold Starburst and Ribbon. Material: metal, textile. Size: 2" x 4". Description: brass bar imprinted: "Minnesota" and backed with safety pin clasp holds red satin ribbon imprinted with the tri-circle symbol of the I.O.O.F Lodge; suspended from ribbon is a brass starburst, center graphic relief depicts man in foreground holding I.O.O.F. flag with motto words: "anoritia, amor, veritas", background showing man in feather headdress, water with water fowl, trees; scene bordered in enameled red and imprinted with "Grand Lodge of Minnesota I.O.O.F., Instituted May 5th 1853"; stamped on reverse: "The Green Duck Co. Chicago".
Property of Kathryn Hazel Jeddeloh, daughter of George Smith, New Richland farmer. Kathryn was the New Richland I.O.O.F. Rebekah Lodge Secretary in the 1930s, and she was married to August Jeddeloh, son of Fred and Bertha Matthies Jeddeloh of New Richland.