Album, Photograph
Cawley-Curran 50th Anniversary Photo Album. Material: wood, paper. Size: 13" x 13". Description: wooden covers; green three leaf clovers painted in a heart shape; black print in center: "Tis lucky we are and blessed we have been not only to be wed but to be best friends 50 yrs, Geraldine Cawley and Harlow Curran"; "Michele 1948, Patricia 1941, Thomas 1950, March 17, 1939 - March 17, 1989"; guest register in front cover; pages filled with photos of Cawley and Curran family.
Family archives of the Curran family were donated to WCHS by Michele Jane Curran, daughter of Harlow and Geraldine (Cawley); graduated from Waseca High School in 1966.