Mercer and Doyle Families. Material: paper. Size: 6" x 9". Description: blue hard cover, gold spine print: Three Hundred Years in America with The Mercers; contents: 186 numbered pages trace the early settlers of Seattle, the Oregon Trail, Aaron Mercer, Jr. and Ann Stoven Mercer who traveled the Oregon Trail with the Bethel Party from Princeton, Illinois in 1852; handwritten note on front flyleaf: Donated in loving memory of Margaret Eileen Doyle Eppling (1959-1978), daughter of Thomas A. and Dolores Graham Doyle and granddaughter of Dr. Arthur A. and Lucille Courtney Doyle of New Richland, Minnesota; photos, documents; index.
Donor: Dolores Graham Doyle
Three Hundred Yars in America with the Mercers
Dolores Graham Doyle
Gateway Press, Baltimore